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Do you have ideas on what our community can do to get involved? Do you really have free will over who you date, where you work or what you buy, and what does it mean if you don’t? You chose your career path, your partner, your wardrobe, the groceries in your fridge and the people you follow on Instagram. Or did you? Learn from cutting-edge scientists, relationship experts and others about the forces at play inside your brain that influence your choices, and take a sobering look at the true meaning of free will. Ideas, inspiration and insights delivered to your inbox weekly! Join the thousands of thinkers who get our content first.

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Let me know what you think. Better yet, drop your dating and relationship questions for Bela in the comments. Bela Gandhi is a dating and relationship expert, founder of Smart Dating Academy and a weekly media correspondent. To learn more about Bela and how to get your dating on, visit SmartDatingAcademy.

By: Bela Gandhi, Dating Expert & Smart Dating Academy Founder. The scare 1​) Embrace a virtual date: Forget about the in-person first dates!

Pre-registration for this event is closed. Please do not use the web site to register. Otherwise, you can register onsite beginning at a. Thank you! After she graduated in , Gandhi worked in mergers and acquisitions for Arthur Andersen in Chicago for a year before joining her family’s chemical and manufacturing company CCC as the, where she divided her time between Chicago and Europe helping to expand the business.

But even as she quickly climbed the corporate ladder, Gandhi had a feeling that her career would one day be taking a sharp turn in a different direction — because she discovered her love of matchmaking and providing dating advice. She launched her Smart Dating Academy in Smart Dating Academy has become one of the nation’s top date coaching firms – and teaches busy, successful professionals to jump start their dating lives successfully.

The SDA coaching program is results-oriented and fun – which helps you to clarify who is right for you, stop old dating patterns, and use technology the RIGHT way. Its clients receive personalized dating plans, and essential training in how to meet high caliber singles, personal style, conversation, and online success. Sign up today! Remember Me. Export to Your Calendar.

6 tips to go from first swipe to first date in 7 days

But depending on where you live and how your days are spent, the idea of diving back into the dating pool may be more than a little daunting. Singles, who represent more than half of all U. But while there are still plenty of opportunities to meet someone in the real world, for many seniors, the virtual world has become a viable option. Arguably nothing has reshaped the dating scene like online dating — and over is its largest growing segment, according to Bela Gandhi, president and founder of the Smart Dating Academy.

A survey of 1, single people by Smart Dating Academy and found that approximately total photos (which includes a mix of.

Finding the right person is a lot of work, Bela Gandhi often says to her clients in her business, Smart Dating Academy. And, with vestiges of their long friendship still present, their relationship revolves around supporting each other. When she started Smart Dating Academy in , Bela, who also has a background in corporate finance, intended to match-make. But then, she realized it would be much more powerful to train people to be their own matchmakers—through online dating, attending events and leveraging their networks.

She works with photographers, hair and makeup artists, and writers who help her clients with their online profiles, as well as stylists who help them look their best in person. And she coaches people on their dating behavior. This work is a natural outgrowth of who she is. Having helped hundreds of people find their mates, Bela can say with great expertise that love is not a fairytale that just happens to people, the way it does in the movies.

Although, it did just happen for her. But, oddly enough, her own love story came about easily and naturally.

Bela Gandhi

But I wish he were dead. The kind that requires you to reflect on your reflection. In person, Bela is gorgeous and infectiously enthusiastic. My first problem, Bela tells me, is my attitude.

Smart Dating Academy has a new approach to helping people find love, which has helped thousands of singles nationwide. The best way to think about us is that.

Full Story. Local News. Weather Traffic U. Station Info. Follow Us:. Share Tweet Email. Share: Share Tweet Email. The biggest rush to enter the online dating world is from December February 15, according to match. Dating Coach Bela Gandhi, founder of the Smart Dating Academy in Chicago, introduces us to the latest dating apps and warns about the red flags when you enter the online dating world.

You can swipe right and make a connection, but the woman is the one who has to make the first contact. And it only gives you 24 hours to reach out, if you don’t – that connection disappears. Both of these are based on the Tinder model.

Dating Tips & Relationship Tips for Successful Women with Bela Gandhi of Smart Dating Academy

Back to Blog. Believe it or not, there are million single Americans at this very moment. And the proof is in the pudding. Why is that, you ask?

It took me ten years to build up the courage, put a plan together for Smart Dating Academy, and make it happen. We have grown into one of the.

Thank you! It started in college with my college roommate, I would always tell her she needed to get out more and o3ne night I went out to a party and when I came home and I was literally bubbling over. Fast forward to three years later, I get engaged and my parents threw me an engagement party. It turned out he finally asked her out the Saturday night before and they had went out every single night that week, our wedding was like their eighth date.

Two years later they called and said they got engaged. I ran a chemicals company for 12 years that made Teflon for cookware and bakeware. People say I went from chemistry to chemistry! Most matchmakers will give you one date a month but there are still 60 meals [in a month], what are you going to be doing for the other 59?

It evolved six months later [to be a dating coach service]. Just this year we had three engagements, two babies and three weddings! People screen people out so quickly especially as technology has hit dating. Ten years ago when we were dating there was no internet, there was no Match.

Meet Bela Gandhi of Smart Dating Academy

She has an uncanny sixth sense about people, and what they need. Her intuition has been responsible for several marriages and children! Bela has been connecting people all of her life.

Today, Gandhi has a successful date coaching business, the Smart Dating Academy in Chicago, where she teaches professionals how to date.

Skip to this video now. Play Video. How to spark a match on dating apps’ hottest day of the year. Warning for millions of Americans using online dating apps. Authorities warn of fake online profiles that lure app users into dangerous traps; in Nebraska, users of Tinder and Plenty of Fish were targeted in armed robberies.

Now Playing: How to spark a match on dating apps’ hottest day of the year. Now Playing: Warning for millions of Americans using online dating apps. Now Playing: Marijuana use linked to increased risk of heart trouble. Now Playing: Georgia teachers make rap video to welcome students back to the virtual classroom. Now Playing: MLB announcer suspended after anti-gay slur caught on hot mic. Now Playing: Lori Loughlin set to be sentenced for college admissions scandal.

Now Playing: Asymptomatic children have higher levels of coronavirus, new study finds. All rights reserved. The founder of Smart Dating Academy shares her top dating tips More.

Love for Life: Andy Annacone and Bela Gandhi

Love, ain’t it grand? Most of the time, yes, but it sure can cloud your otherwise reasonable judgment. How do you know if you’re in a good relationship? Here are some key clues.

Fortunately for anyone who is running the gauntlet of modern love, Smart Dating Academy’s Bela Gandhi and Lindsay Anderson specialize in.

On this episode Rebecca Zung, Esq. As divorce attorneys, we have heard it all when it comes to dating after divorce but the fact is that one marriage that ends or two, or three doesn’t mean that you can’t find lasting love in your life. The magic is all in how you go about it and Bela Gandhi is the master at helping her clients to find that relationship that they have been looking for. In fact, working with Bela has been likened to going to Harvard Business School but for dating and relationships!

Did you know that we are just on the cusp of “peak dating season? She has an uncanny sixth sense about people, and what they need.

A $15,000 Dating Coach Told Me to Smile More

Have any burning questions about dating? If so, this episode of Dope Ass Podcast is for you. Bela breaks dating down and makes the case for why you need to work on yourself and be fully ready before the right person can come into your life. She talked to Andrea about some of the top questions she sees around dating.

She has an uncanny sixth sense about people, and what they need. Her intuition has been responsible for several marriages and children!

Find the love of your life with The Smart Dating Academy, Chicago’s dating experts led by Bela Gandhi, as seen on Today, ABC, Fox News, CNN, NBC, Good.

Illustrations by Suzy Gerhart; photo illustrations by Craig Dimond. When I was serving as bishop in a young single adult ward, I worried about those who approached dating with very little purpose, understanding, or direction. This caused me to wonder if my own children would be any different when their time came. So, how about you? Are you ready to become a dating academy graduate yourself? Class is in session! Can you explain the purposes of dating and the specific dating standards and guidelines set by the Church?

The First Presidency reminds us why knowing and understanding these standards are so important. One of the most common ways people learn is by watching others. Dating is no different.

Meet Your Smart Dating Team

You can follow her and Smart Dating Academy on Instagram. Online dating and first dates — the mere mention of these phrases can put butterflies or knots in our stomach. First, take a deep breath and realize that most people feel this way and that the purpose of dating is to have fun and relax. Second, tell yourself that this is a marathon, not a sprint, so that you set your expectations the right way.

Since the last time you were on a real date, there’ve been some “But age is just a number,” says Gandhi of the Smart Dating Academy.

Bela, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today? I grew up in a loving family with educated parents who immigrated from Bombay, India, to the suburbs of Chicago, and one younger brother. My dad was harder on his children—my brother had also joined the business—than on anyone else in the company; his mandate was that we would be the people who would turn the lights on in the morning and turn them off after everyone left in the evening.

I learned every aspect of the business and developed a thirst to do more and more during these years. We decided to sell the family company in , during a great market, to Akzo Nobel. My parents and brother retired by , and Akzo Nobel kept me on until the middle of to help manage and integrate our company Akzo was a multi-billion dollar company. My first match became official with their engagement in , and I knew at that moment that I wanted to help people find love as my purpose.

It took me ten years to build up the courage, put a plan together for Smart Dating Academy, and make it happen. We have grown into one of the top coaching companies in the US, and have helped thousands of people find love, both through real-life and online connections.

Dating and Sex Over 50 — Bela Gandhi & Smart Dating Academy – Windy City Live ABC